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The Hauler

The Hauler is a multi-purpose cart.  It can be used for any load including masonry loads; moving a trailer, boat or RV; or any heavy moving load.  The Hauler can be used with any AZ Hand Truck product.  Unlike your typical Haulers, the AZ Hand Trucks Hauler has a 3/4″ cold rolled steel axle and the entire unit has been raised 3″. This ensures you and your loads make it up your trailer ramp without bottoming out.

The Hauler with flat free tires $250.00

The Hauler with pneumatic tires $220.00

The Hauler is powder coated for longevity and is offered in air or flat free tires.  Rubber coated handles provide a good grip and comfort in hot or cold conditions.

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Our Hauler will meet your most challenging transport needs.