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AZ Hand Trucks Custom Creations

You can get your very own customized hand truck complete with all the features you need. Below are a series of hand truck customization’s, so you can get the creative juices flowing with ideas for your custom dolly.  AZ Hand Trucks is known for our Custom Creations.  Call to create yours today!

AZ Dollies Headed for IAPPA.
AZ Dollies Headed for IAPPA.
The All-American Custom Hand Truck.
American Flag cut into the base plate.
Custom powder coating done in 3 sessions.
Black Widow - red rims and spider in the base plate
Nothing better than a Skull and Crossbones for Halloween
Bats in the base plate!
Lime Green anyone? These really stand out.
Here is AZ Hand Trucks’ own creation. The crown is our sister company logo, B.T. Bouncies.
Here is our happy landscape customer with his custom creation.
AZ Hand Trucks created this dolly to transport a very delicate cell cutting machine for a local medical center.
Pink is a very popular color!
Heavy Duty Hand Truck
Gloss black with custom painted wheels
Heavy duty dolly
Heavy duty dolly
Saliva’s Chris Dabaldo stopped by to see his custom creation.
AZ created this Stealth bomber Standard AT for the 2014 IAAPA Convention. Notice the American flag in the baseplate?
Then, we had to create the whiteout …
Bee Hive Cart

Bee Hive Cart

Canister Hand Cart

Gas Canister Cart

Welders Cart

Welders Cart

The crowd went crazy over our Rogue Plus in LSU candy purple. Let your imagination go wild!
90 Degree Dollies are available in all models.
Here’s our Rogue Dolly in action with a 900 pound boulder.

AZ serves a professional baseball team, too. Can’t say their name, but they are in Canada …

Here are some AZ custom base plates.

Let's Jump NJ
Splash Time Dolly
Mr. Moonwalk Dolly
Skull and Cross Bones for Halloween
Bats in the base plate!
Custom heavy duty hand truck
Aardvark Amusements. Great idea!
Nothing better than a Black Widow for Halloween

Austin Powers (professional impersonator) thinks our hand trucks are Groovy Baby!

Austin Powers at IAPPA