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T2/4N1 Hand Truck

We are revolutionizing some industries on this model. The T2/4N1 is the One & Done heavy duty hand truck for the tent, canopy, marquee and any other industry that needs a multipurpose hand truck. The T2/4N1 Hand Truck sports 4, 6-inch tires unlike any other hand truck on the market and 2, 10″ retractable rear wheels.

The dolly comes with attachable base-plate, forks and dual purpose block/container/horseshoe weight transporter. Each of these pieces can be customized to your needs providing we do not compromise the integrity of the unit. The hand truck is more stable and wider to handle larger loads. It is designed to fit on a 3-foot lift gate and can go through any standard 36-inch back yard gate. Our hand grips are coated with a durable abrasion resistant texture . This coating provides comfort in hot or cold conditions. Our one of a kind brake system is positioned to give your staff maximum pulling advantage.

The Rogue Plus Hand Truck is 34 inches from outside tire to outside tire and stands 61 inches tall. All AZ Hand Trucks base plates can be further customized with your custom logo engraved in the base plate.


T2/4n1 Hand Truck Side View
T2/4n1 Collage 1
T2/$n1 Close Up
TR- Hand Truck
TR Hand Truck Working
TR 2 Hand Truck Under Load