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The Hauler

The Hauler is a multi-purpose cart.  It can be used for any load including masonry loads; moving a trailer, boat or RV; or any heavy moving load.  The Hauler can be used with any AZ Hand Truck product.  Unlike your typical Haulers, the AZ Hand Trucks Hauler has a 3/4″ cold rolled steel axle and the entire unit has been raised 3″. This ensures you and your loads make it up your trailer ramp without bottoming out.

Price: $270 to $300

The Hauler is powder coated for longevity and is offered in air or flat free tires.  Rubber coated handles provide a good grip and comfort in hot or cold conditions.

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Hand cart for moving trailers
Heavy Duty Dolly
Custom Hand Trucks
Hauler on a Standard AT
Custom heavy duty hand trucks
Putting the Hauler to good use. Loaded!
Our Hauler will meet your most challenging transport needs.

We offer 3 colors red, blue and yellow. If you would like it powder coated any other color that’s not a problem just ask and we can quote you a price.